How to find a niche on eBay
March 18th, 2010 by Michelle

4 years ago, I found a good product to sell online by experimentation.

I bought 10 different items and listed them on eBay to measure interest. Only 1 out of 10 items, a Tahari women’s business suit, got bids and made a profit. I went on to sell $100K on eBay and kept over $25K as profit.

I’m a developer so I built a site called WatchedItem.com to find the most watched eBay items. This information is not available directly on eBay. Many sellers check out their eBay competitors here.

Here’s a few hot niches that you can take a look at to get ideas:

Most wanted Auto parts
Most valuable Swarovski Figurines

How to choose a niche:
1. Products with a watcher count of 20 or more is a good niche.
2. Check out the volume of sales. You want a niche that sells more than $10K per month.
3. Experiment: Keep the receipts so you can return inventory that does not sell online.

Best of luck!

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2 Responses  
Sukh writes:
May 13th, 2010 at 4:43 pm

Hi Michelle

Can you please explain how to do step 2 “Check out the volume sales”?

I can follow the first step but not sure how to do step 2. Can you please help?


Michelle writes:
May 14th, 2010 at 8:33 am


The one method to determine the volume of sales for a niche is to use historical sales. Unfortunately, I just closed the http://www.eSellerStreet.com eBay historical market research service last month.

A good and FREE way to estimate the volume of sales for a niche is to roughly add up the items ending within 24 or 48 hours.

Here’s an example using the Swarovski ornament niche.

This search shows you the Swarovski ornaments ending soonest that have at least 1 bid. These are the items that you know will sell.


Today, May 14, the total sales for items ending in the next 2 days would be $2800.

I got $2800 by roughly adding up the bid price of the 40 items on this search page. Any niche with more than $600 in sales per day is a good niche.


There you go!

Best of luck!

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