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Apr 22, 10 - Michelle

The astute Umar Anjum writes:

Luckily there are other online tools that make comparing products on eBay easier then it is on eBay itself.

WatchedItem is the first entry in my list. It presents users with a friendly interface that lets them select a category and then enter some keywords of the query. The results are then shown with their prices and details. A link is provided with each result which can be clicked for further details.

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Find the Number of Watchers on an eBay auction
Apr 6, 10 - Michelle

Savvy eBayers already know this eBay search trick. If you have an eBay listing’s 12 digit listing number, you can type it into any eBay search field to see the listing information.

Say you want to know about item number 150403914444. Just enter the 12 digit number in any eBay search box.

This capability extends beyond just the eBay.com site to any 3rd party eBay search site.

Try it on WatchedItem.com by clicking here. You will see the number of watchers for item number 150403914444.

Another easy way to find info on an item is to paste the entire title for the eBay listing into the search box. Try it here.

It’s good to be the King – KingHuman.com
Mar 26, 10 - Michelle

KingHuman is the Larry Winget of YouTube with over 11,000 subscribers.

He’s entertaining, insightful, and convincing! Check out his videos and you will see why.

Here’s his website: KingHuman.com

How to find a niche on eBay
Mar 18, 10 - Michelle

4 years ago, I found a good product to sell online by experimentation.

I bought 10 different items and listed them on eBay to measure interest. Only 1 out of 10 items, a Tahari women’s business suit, got bids and made a profit. I went on to sell $100K on eBay and kept over $25K as profit.

I’m a developer so I built a site called WatchedItem.com to find the most watched eBay items. This information is not available directly on eBay. Many sellers check out their eBay competitors here.

Here’s a few hot niches that you can take a look at to get ideas:

Most wanted Auto parts
Most valuable Swarovski Figurines

How to choose a niche:
1. Products with a watcher count of 20 or more is a good niche.
2. Check out the volume of sales. You want a niche that sells more than $10K per month.
3. Experiment: Keep the receipts so you can return inventory that does not sell online.

Best of luck!

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