Metal Artwork from Jon Allen on eBay
Sep 27, 09 - Michelle

I like this brushed metal art from eBay seller statements2000. The Artist’s name is Jon Allen and this is his website: metalabstractart.com.

Seller’s description:

  • All Statements2000’s breathtaking designs and texturing are hand-crafted by internationally-acclaimed metal sculptor, Jon Allen. Over 3000 fine art sculptures sold; with 1000s of stunning designs to come.
  • Jon Allen’s Statements2000 fine art is displayed in more than 200 galleries in the United States alone, and has recently showcased worldwide.
  • All artwork is signed, dated, and certified, with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • 100% positive buyer feedback, highlights delighted customer satisfaction from around the world.

Here is statements2000′s most bid/bought art on eBay:

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1.  Metal Wall Art Sculpture by Jon Allen Handmade Silver Decor – Synchronicity

 $225.00 Free Ship!   558 bought    Ends in 17d 4h   See Details on WatchedItem

2.  Modern Metal Wall Art, Abstract Wall Sculpture, Silver Home Decor by Jon Allen

 $275.00 Free Ship!   307 bought    Ends in 25d 6h   See Details on WatchedItem

3.  Modern Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art Home Decor – Ripple Effect by Jon Allen

 $199.99 Free Ship!   295 bought    Ends in 22d 5h   See Details on WatchedItem

4.  Abstract Pendulum Wall Clock, Silver & Black Modern Metal Art Decor by Jon Allen

 $275.00 Free Ship!   284 bought    Ends in 16d 5h   See Details on WatchedItem

5.  Modern Abstract Silver Corporate Metal Wall Art Sculpture Original Jon Allen

 $175.00 Free Ship!   228 bought    Ends in 7d 23h   See Details on WatchedItem

6.  Large Modern Abstract Silver Metal Art Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture”Whisper”

 $225.00 Free Ship!   209 bought    Ends in 23d 4h   See Details on WatchedItem

7.  Modern Contemporary Abstract Sculpture Decor Cardinal Wall Twist by Jon Allen

 $170.00 Free Ship!   185 bought    Ends in 18d 4h   See Details on WatchedItem

8.  Set of 4 Silver Modern Metal Wall Art Sculptures – Abstract Decor by Jon Allen

 $150.00 Free Ship!   163 bought    Ends in 10d 8h   See Details on WatchedItem

9.  Large Metal Wall Clock – Contemporary Wall Art Sculpture by Jon Allen

 $199.00 Free Ship!   161 bought    Ends in 12d 5h   See Details on WatchedItem

10.  Modern Abstract Silver Metal Wall Art Original Home Decor Sculptures Jon Allen

 $150.00 Free Ship!   159 bought    Ends in 9d 14h   See Details on WatchedItem

11.  Modern Abstract Metal Art Wall Sculpture Contemporary Home Decor by Jon Allen

 $275.00 Free Ship!   149 bought    Ends in 22d 11h   See Details on WatchedItem

12.  Silver Modern Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture – Home Decor – Jon Allen

 $275.00 Free Ship!   147 bought    Ends in 6d 9h   See Details on WatchedItem

13.  Modern Red/Silver Metal Wall Clock, Contemporary Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

 $75.00 Free Ship!   143 bought    Ends in 5d 3h   See Details on WatchedItem

14.  Silver Metal Wall Art, Modern Metal Wall Decor by Galactic Expanse by Jon Allen

 $175.00 Free Ship!   131 bought    Ends in 28d 8h   See Details on WatchedItem

15.  Red Modern Abstract Indoor/Outdoor Metal Art Sculpture by Jon Allen – Red Twist

 $225.00 Free Ship!   130 bought    Ends in 18d 23h   See Details on WatchedItem

11:13am Sunday, Aug 19, 18
Popular Artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith on eBay
Sep 19, 09 - Michelle

Elf & kids
Originally uploaded by Margie QQ

Here’s an artist who is comfortable in her own skin.

And she paints herself as all kinds of neat characters, mainly fairy creatures.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a full time artist who sells her work on eBay and on her own site, www.strangeling.com.

Here’s the most popular art from eBay seller Strangeling on eBay:

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1.  Alligator Girl Pin Design Jasmine Becket-Griffith ORIGINAL PAINTING big eye art

 $1,682.00     35 bids    Ends in 7h   See Details on WatchedItem

2.  Porcelina blue willow mermaid Jasmine Becket-Griffith CANVAS PRINT 1 big eye art

 $375.92    28 bids    Ends in 1d 7h   See Details on WatchedItem

3.  Blue Willow Dragonlings ACEO Jasmine Becket-Griffith big eyes dragon fairy art

 $81.00    12 bids    Ends in 8d 7h   See Details on WatchedItem

4.  Puss in Boots fairy tale cat maine coon art Jasmine Becket-Griffith CANVAS PRINT

 $125.00    11 bought    Ends in 16d 20h   See Details on WatchedItem

5.  Darling Dragonling 5 Jasmine Becket-Griffith CANVAS PRINT dragon fairy art V

 $100.00    11 bought    Ends in 27d 23h   See Details on WatchedItem

6.  Blue Willow Skull ACEO Jasmine Becket-Griffith big eyes gothic surrealism art

 $51.00    10 bids    Ends in 8d 7h   See Details on WatchedItem

7.  Faces of Faery 225 Jasmine Becket-Griffith art CANVAS PRINT valentine angel goth

 $75.00    10 bought    Ends in 29d 23h   See Details on WatchedItem

8.  Skeleton Magic Jasmine Becket-Griffith CANVAS PRINT Halloween Witch big eye art

 $125.00    9 bought    Ends in 29d 8h   See Details on WatchedItem

9.  Faces of Faery 75 Jasmine Becket-Griffith art CANVAS PRINT bride wedding fairy

 $75.00    9 bought    Ends in 29d 22h   See Details on WatchedItem

10.  Faces of Faery 156 Jasmine Becket-Griffith art CANVAS PRINT rococo lowbrow goth

 $75.00    8 bought    Ends in 22h   See Details on WatchedItem

11:13am Sunday, Aug 19, 18
4 Things To Look for When Buying ACEO Cards on eBay
Aug 5, 09 - Michelle

Miranda El Besson
Originally uploaded by Arab Fancy

What are ACEOs?

ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. These miniature works of art are a fun way to collect paintings without spending a fortune.

Today thousands of artists sell ACEO versions of their work. The great thing about the ACEO movement is that they are usually much more affordable than their larger counterparts.

Although works by the most popular artists may still sell for several hundred dollars, prints can be found for around ten dollars. These reasonably-priced art cards make it possible for everyone to collect art.

How are they created?
Some are original paintings. Others are print editions. Every style of art can be found in ACEO versions, including abstracts, impressionism, realism, collages, oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, pastels, pencil drawings, digital art, and photographs.

The same range that can be found in full-size works of art can be found in ACEOs. Any theme may be depicted, including everything from cute animals to beautiful scenic views, and even sci fi or Star Wars themes. Many collectors seek out their favorite artists or themes. Flowers, horses and cats are always among the most popular cards.

How big are they?
All ACEO cards measure 2.5” by 3.5”, or about the size of a baseball card. Any other size is not considered an ACEO.

How can they be displayed?

It can be hard to display all of your ACEO cards so that you can enjoy them. I think that tiny tabletop easels are a great way to display them. You can also mat or frame ACEO pieces, or keep them in binders protected by special plastic sleeves.

Here’s the most popular ACEOs on eBay:

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There are no matching items on eBay. Try your search on WatchedItem.com

Useful links:

Most popular ACEO on eBay

Popular blog called ACEO Street Team for Etsy “ACETSY”

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