BodyBugg Calorie Management System (as seen on Biggest Loser) on eBay
Jan 1, 10 - Michelle

The Biggest Loser is an amazing tribute to how average people can take charge of their lives. No excuses, just accountability. I lost 3 pounds since Thanksgiving due to watching the show. (If you are wondering, I’ve got 10 pounds to lose to achieve awesomeness.)

A product that the Biggest Loser showcased is the BodyBugg. Here is the product description from BodyBugg.com:

bodybugg® – the world’s most intelligent calorie management system.

Find out how many calories you burn with the revolutionary new bodybugg armband. Use the web-based program to track calories in and calories out so that you can stay in control of your weight. Get the coaching and support you need to be successful from a fitness professional or personal trainer.

Working with a personal coach helps you get the most out of the bodybugg system and reach your fitness goals faster and easier. For your convenience, coaching sessions are phone-based so you can do them from anywhere in the world!

* One bodybugg private session with a bodybugg coach (via phone)
* Six-month subscription to the web-based program
* Online food logging and menus
* Personalized dietary support recommendation
* bodybugg armband device – tracks all calories you burn every minute of the day.
* bodybugg digital display (optional)

The Bodybugg retails for $249 with a 6 month web subscription. You can buy a used BodyBugg for just $70 on eBay and buy a 6 month web subscription for $79.

Here are the most popular BodyBugg listings on eBay.

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1.  bodybugg sp

 $79.00 Free Ship!  1 bids    Ends in 3d 23h   See Details on WatchedItem

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01:57am Tuesday, Mar 03, 15
Stop Snoring Devices on eBay
Oct 19, 09 - Michelle

Originally uploaded by crimfants / CC BY-SA 2.0

Snoring afflicts about half of the adult population. Snoring is caused by an obstructed or narrowed air passage. Here’s a good article on Mayoclinic.com.

Two ways to stop snoring are to use an oral appliance or opt for a surgical procedure.

Since surgical procedures are not available on eBay, let’s look at oral appliances. ;-)

An oral appliance is a mouthpiece that holds your tongue and soft palate in the front of your mouth to keep your air passage open. They go for $15 to $40 on eBay.

Here are the most purchased snoring aids on eBay:

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1.  NEW Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Apnea Aid MouthGuard Sleep Bruxism Anti Pure Grind

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2.  Anti SNORE Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Apnea Aid No Quiet Pure Sleep Bruxism guard

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3.  Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Anti Snore Apnea Aid No Snore Sleeping Aid Night Bruxism

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4.  STOP SNORING Anti Snore Mouthpiece Apnea Guard Bruxism Tray Sleeping Aid

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5.  Stop Snoring Chin Strap SNORE BELT Anti Apnea Jaw Strap Sleep My Solution TMJ

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 $7.49 Free Ship!   2,209 bought    Ends in 28d 19h   See Details on WatchedItem

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7.  Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Anti Snore Apnea Cure No Snore Sleeping Aid Night NEW

 $75.00 Free Ship!   4,721 bought    Ends in 11d 17h   See Details on WatchedItem

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8.  Stop Snoring Chin Strap SNORE BELT Anti Apnea Jaw Solution Sleep TMJ Support

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9.  Snorepin(TM) – The Smarter Solution Against Snoring and Sleep Apnea Pack of 2!

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10.  Authentic Sleep Angel / My Snoring Solution brand-Helps END Snoring 3 sizes NEW!

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The Biggest Loser on eBay
Sep 26, 09 - Michelle

A man lost 28 pounds in 7 days last week on the TV show, The Biggest Loser.

How does that happen?

The story is that the participants reduce their calorie intake and start exercising. I think it’s just fluid loss. A gallon of milk weighs about 8 pounds so they lost 3 1/2 milk jugs in a week.

Despite this disturbingly fast weight loss story, it’s a great show. Battling extra weight is not easy and people need instructions and motivation.

The Biggest Loser on eBay:

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1.  The Biggest Loser 4 Book Set (Paperback) NEW

 $26.97 Free Ship!   474 bought    Ends in 16d 11h   See Details on WatchedItem

2.  Biggest Loser Shaping High Waist Capri NUDE, Tummy Shaper L 1X

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3.  The Biggest Loser Shaping High Waist Capri-NUDE-1X-NIB-FREE SHIPPING

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4.  Biggest Loser -Beginners, Cardio Burn & Calorie, 3 Disc

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5.  The Biggest Loser: The Workout – Weight Loss Yoga New DVD! Ships Fast!

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Here are the most bid/bought bathroom scales on eBay:

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