Silly Bands / Silly Bandz
Oct 13, 10 - Michelle

A Random Growth?
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Silly Bands or Silly Bandz have taken over as the #1 most traded item in elementary schools. If your child has less than 200, you need more. Not joking! ;)

The name “Silly” comes from the fact that they are made of Silicone.
Particularly hot are the tie-dye Silly Bands and glow in the dark Silly Bands. Look for the rare scented and glitter also. Besides the original bracelets, there are now rings and necklaces.

My 10 year old daughter used her silly band bracelets as forms for homemade window clings.
What you need: fabric paint from the craft store, saran wrap, silly band bracelet.
How to:
Place a silly bands on saran wrap. Fill in the shape with several colors of fabric paint. Animal and word shapes work well. Let dry for a few hours. Stick on your windows.


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Pocket Watch Fobs on eBay UK
Jan 9, 10 - Michelle

I learned a new word today: fob.

A vintage fob is the charm that hangs on a pocket watch chain. Now, it can also mean a keyholder.

Vintage fobs are highly collectible and can sell for over £260 on eBay.co.uk if the watch is included. Here are the fob auctions with the highest prices.

These are the most watched fob listings on eBay.co.uk:

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Vintage Taxco Silver Jewelry on eBay
Jan 7, 10 - Michelle

Santa Prisca Taxco
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Vintage taxco silver jewelry was made by artisans in the small Mexican mountain town of Taxco.

In 1929, a visiting professor of architecture named William Spratling decided to start a silver jewelry business in Taxco. He hired jewelry designers and started an apprentice program which attracted other designers.

Vintage Taxco Silver Jewelry Designers:
Margot de Taxco Here’s a good site for examples of Margot de Taxco pieces.
Antonio Pineda
Hector Aguilar
Matilde Poulat Matl

Here are the most watched Taxco auctions on eBay:

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Avon Jewelry on eBay
Jan 1, 10 - Michelle

Avon Necklace
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Surprisingly, Avon jewelry is quite popular on eBay.

Avon jewelry auctions can get over 30 watchers but usually sell for under $20.

Here are the most popular Avon Jewelry listings on eBay:

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