Collectible Paperweights Make Great Gifts
Nov 6, 09 - Michelle

Paperweight detail
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Did you know paperweights are highly collectible and hold their value?

This is a much better proposition than a fragile figurine that can’t be touched.

Some big names to look for in paperweights are:
St Louis
Royal Crown Derby
St Clair

Here are the most popular paperweight listings on eBay:

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Art Pottery on eBay
Nov 4, 09 - Michelle

Roseville Pottery started in 1890 making vases and baskets.

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These are the most popular styles. Click the links to view the best items.
Roseville Futura
Roseville Pinecone
Roseville Sunflower
Roseville Baneda
Roseville Morning Glory
Roseville Vista
Roseville Jonquil
Roseville Bushberry
Roseville Dahlrose
Roseville Wisteria
Roseville Peony
Roseville Imperial

Here is a bit of their history from wikipedia:

The company was founded by J.F. Weaver in Roseville, Ohio, in 1890. The Roseville company had great success producing stoneware flower pots and other practical household items. In 1898, they purchased the Clark Stoneware Company in Zanesville, and moved the headquarters there.

In 1900 George Young hired Ross C. Purdy to create the company’s first art pottery line – Rozane. The Rozane art line was designed to compete against Rookwood Pottery’s Standard Glaze, Owens Pottery’s Utopian, and Weller Pottery’s Louwelsa art lines.

Here are the most watched eBay auctions for Roseville pottery:

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1.  RARE Roseville Pottery 403-7″ Futura Spittoon Vase C655

 $188.50    20 bids    Ends in 1d 17h   See Details on WatchedItem

 66 eBay watchers!

2.  RARE 1916-19 Roseville Art Pottery Green Dogwood I Arts & Crafts Handled Basket 

 $43.00 Free Ship!  14 bids    Ends in 17h   See Details on WatchedItem

 24 eBay watchers!

3.  Scarce Early Roseville Pottery Turtle Flower Frog Very Nice Shape! NO RESERVE!

 $68.98 Free Ship!  14 bids    Ends in 16h   See Details on WatchedItem

 22 eBay watchers!


 $29.99 Free Ship!  8 bids    Ends in 11h   See Details on WatchedItem

 20 eBay watchers!

5.  Fantastic Roseville Art Pottery Vista 15 Inch Floor Vase

 $115.50 Free Ship!  3 bids    Ends in 9h   See Details on WatchedItem

 18 eBay watchers!

6.  c1930 Roseville Blue Green Tourmaline Earlam #517 Double Handled Art Deco Vase

 $76.00 Free Ship!  19 bids    Ends in 18h   See Details on WatchedItem

 18 eBay watchers!


 $76.00    4 bids    Ends in 2d 12h   See Details on WatchedItem

 18 eBay watchers!

8.  Beautiful ROSEVILLE U.S.A. 26-14″

 $127.50 Free Ship!  6 bids    Ends in 4d 18h   See Details on WatchedItem

 17 eBay watchers!

9.  C1930s Roseville Jonquil Pattern 2 Handle Vase White & Yellow Daffodil Flowers

 $153.50    9 bids    Ends in 4d 15h   See Details on WatchedItem

 16 eBay watchers!

10.  Roseville

 $37.00    13 bids    Ends in 5d 14h   See Details on WatchedItem

 16 eBay watchers!

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Carnival Glass on eBay
Oct 19, 09 - Michelle

Carnival glass biscuit
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Carnival glass is just beautiful.

Many collectors buy and sell carnival glass on eBay with a price range of $30 to $400 per piece.

Click here to view the carnival glass auctions with the most bids.

Here’s a great description on David Doty’s Carnival Glass Website:

What is Carnival Glass?

This is a question that confuses many people new to collecting Carnival. Primarily, Carnival Glass is pressed glass that has had an iridescent coating applied. Remember, if it isn’t iridized, it isn’t Carnival.

Pressed glass? This is glass that has been formed by being pressed into a mold while in a hot molten form. As it cools, it takes on the shape and detail of the mold. Once removed from the mold, and while still relatively hot, it is sprayed with metallic salts in liquid form which gives it the “oil-on-water” multicolor appearance.

Carnival Glass was first produced by Fenton in 1907 and continues to be made today. There were 5 or 6 major makers of it originally, but Fenton is the only one of the original group still in business.

Here are the most watched Carnival Glass listings on eBay:

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Poole Pottery on eBay
Oct 12, 09 - Michelle

"Poole" Pottery

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Poole pottery is highly collectible and goes for $15 to $200 on eBay.

According to the Poole pottery article on Wikipedia:

“Poole Pottery is a pottery manufacturer, originally based in Poole, Dorset, England. The company was founded in 1873 on Poole quayside, where it continued to produce pottery by hand before moving its factory operations away from the quay in 1999. Production continued at the new site in Sopers Lane until its closure in 2006. Historical products from Poole Pottery are displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The pottery has recently restarted production at its new factory in Burslem, Staffordshire, and the Poole Quay pottery studio and shop has reopened.”

The most watched Poole pottery items on eBay:

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