2010 Olympic Gear on eBay
Feb 26, 10 - Michelle

This Winter Olympics generated new sports stars like Lindsey Vonn and Evan Lysacek. It turns out that my 9 year old plays soccer at Evan’s old training facility, Seven Bridges.

Ingemar Stenmark was my favorite sports star when I was growing up. Back then, the only alpine skiing events were slalom and down hill.

I had a great pair of Rossignol skis that I used at Rib Mountain in Wausau, WI and Skyline Ski Area in Adams-Friendship, WI. Unfortunately, I hit mud one spring and permanently messed up the rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Now I throw like a girl.

Here are the most watched 2010 Olympics auctions on eBay:

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BodyBugg Calorie Management System (as seen on Biggest Loser) on eBay
Jan 1, 10 - Michelle

The Biggest Loser is an amazing tribute to how average people can take charge of their lives. No excuses, just accountability. I lost 3 pounds since Thanksgiving due to watching the show. (If you are wondering, I’ve got 10 pounds to lose to achieve awesomeness.)

A product that the Biggest Loser showcased is the BodyBugg. Here is the product description from BodyBugg.com:

bodybugg® – the world’s most intelligent calorie management system.

Find out how many calories you burn with the revolutionary new bodybugg armband. Use the web-based program to track calories in and calories out so that you can stay in control of your weight. Get the coaching and support you need to be successful from a fitness professional or personal trainer.

Working with a personal coach helps you get the most out of the bodybugg system and reach your fitness goals faster and easier. For your convenience, coaching sessions are phone-based so you can do them from anywhere in the world!

* One bodybugg private session with a bodybugg coach (via phone)
* Six-month subscription to the web-based program
* Online food logging and menus
* Personalized dietary support recommendation
* bodybugg armband device – tracks all calories you burn every minute of the day.
* bodybugg digital display (optional)

The Bodybugg retails for $249 with a 6 month web subscription. You can buy a used BodyBugg for just $70 on eBay and buy a 6 month web subscription for $79.

Here are the most popular BodyBugg listings on eBay.

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Archery Hunting Gear on eBay
Nov 20, 09 - Michelle

White-tailed Buck
Originally uploaded by Hard-Rain

Brian and I visited Shabbona Lake, IL last Friday.

We were there to find a migrating grebe, but had no luck. The first thing we saw were hunters loading up a freshly killed deer. There was a lot of hunting energy in the air that day.

Hunters are buying their gear on eBay. You can find the top bows in these categories on eBay:
Compound bows
Recurve bows
Longbows, handmade bows and other types

You can also find arrows, arrow rests, stabilizers, strings and tools, sights, gloves, tabs and release aids.

Here are the most popular bow listings on eBay:

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Hot Listings for Camo Outerwear on eBay
Oct 28, 09 - Michelle

camo kittahz
Originally uploaded by K Chu

I love camouflage clothing!

Camo is so well constructed and lasts forever.

Now there are fabrics that are breathable but keep out the wind. Some camo fabric can even hide your scent when you are stalking wildlife with a camera or a weapon.

Some top camo brands:
Mossy Oak
RealTree / tech20
Under Armour
Beretta Xtrema

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