Adorable Japanese Hamster Erasers!
Jan 23, 10 - Michelle

Here are some adorable hamster erasers from Iwako! It comes with 8 hamsters. Each one is a different color. The colors are pink, light pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and brown. You can trade these with your friends at school, give them away in goodiebags, or just keep them. Sometimes people give you stuff for them, but whatever you do with them you’ll have a great time!

Japanese erasers from Amazon
Jan 23, 10 - Michelle

Here’s a cute 34 piece set of Iwako Japanese erasers on Amazon. It includes 6 frogs, 3 puppies, 11 hamsters, 7 pandas, 7 marine animals, and 3 duck erasers. There are several colors for each animal and 34 animals total.

You can play with them and trade them with your friends at school. Other kids will trade other cool things just to have one of these cuties.

Or you could hand them out in birthday gift bags.

Model Horses are Highly Collectible on eBay
Nov 28, 09 - Michelle

G3 Jumper
Originally uploaded by Elrenia_Greenleaf

Model Horses are big sellers on eBay. The top model horses can sell for $200 to $400 each.

The most popular makers are:
Peter Stone
Trail of Painted Ponies
Hagen Renaker

Some keywords to search for are: CM (stands for Customized Model), resin, glossy, unpainted, and vintage.

These are the best auctions for model horses on eBay:

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1.  Custom CM Breyer Traditional Cleveland Bay Stallion “Maximus”

 $685.00    9 bids    Ends in 2d 16h   See Details on WatchedItem

 49 eBay watchers!

2.  Custom Breyer Horse

 $112.50    27 bids    Ends in 1d 5h   See Details on WatchedItem

 45 eBay watchers!

3.  Breyer Traditional Horses

 $48.00    15 bids    Ends in 1d 9h   See Details on WatchedItem

 44 eBay watchers!

4.  Breyer JCP Susecion & Le Fire

 $72.00    8 bids    Ends in 2d 17h   See Details on WatchedItem

 44 eBay watchers!

5.  Breyer Horse Ruffian

 $36.45 Free Ship!  7 bids    Ends in 16h   See Details on WatchedItem

 41 eBay watchers!

6.  Hagen Renaker Vintage, DW Monrovia 1950s Crusader Model Horse! Super Rare!

 $202.50 Free Ship!  10 bids    Ends in 1d 19h   See Details on WatchedItem

 41 eBay watchers!

7.  Breyer Horse Traditional

 $66.00 Free Ship!  22 bids    Ends in 1d 9h   See Details on WatchedItem

 37 eBay watchers!

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Marbles on eBay
Nov 18, 09 - Michelle

Originally uploaded by sean_hickin

Did you know marbles are fanastic collectibles that frequently sell for over $100 and sometimes over $1,000?

Here are the type of marbles that command the highest prices:

Here are the most popular marble listings on eBay:

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