Free Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Today at Stores
Oct 2, 09 - Michelle

Starbucks new VIA instant coffee is free at their stores from Oct 2 – Oct 5. They are doing a promo which lets you taste test the VIA against the regular coffee.

Starbucks coffee is so burnt that I probably couldn’t tell the difference between ashes and their regular brew.

You can buy VIA on eBay for around $.50 a packet.

Fresh from eBay! 20:21pm Saturday, Jun 24, 17
1.  Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Colombia Medium Roast Instant Coffee Arabica 26 Packets

 $16.98 Free Ship!      273 bought     Ends in 3d 3h    >> View Description

2.  Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Colombia Medium Roast 26 Packets

 $17.49 Free Ship!      198 bought     Ends in 11d 22h    >> View Description

3.  STARBUCKS VIA INSTANT Medium Roast Coffee, Columbia 52 Packets (2 x 26) NEW!

 $33.69 Free Ship!      134 bought     Ends in 3d 13h    >> View Description

4.  Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Colombia Medium Roast Instant Coffee Arabica 26 Packs

 $21.95 Free Ship!      117 bought     Ends in 9d 23h    >> View Description

5.  Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee 3/25oz Colombia 50/Box 11008131

 $39.70 Free Ship!      115 bought     Ends in 22d 7h    >> View Description

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Get a Starbucks coupon on eBay after the free coffee runs out:

Fresh from eBay! 20:21pm Saturday, Jun 24, 17
1.  4 lbs Matcha Green Tea Frappucino Mix & Starbucks Coupon

 $55.00      81 bought     Ends in 5d 2h    >> View Description

2.  10 Starbucks Coupon, Recovery Drink Vouchers on any size drink, no exp

 $18.98 Free Ship!     24 bought     Ends in 17d 15h    >> View Description

3.  Set Of Five (5) Starbucks Voucher Card For Any Size Coffee/Tea/ Espresso Drinks

 $12.00 Free Ship!     16 bought     Ends in 9d 7h    >> View Description

4.  Starbucks Free Frappucino Coupon Cards (Exp. 6/30/2017) – Set of 5

 $5.50 Free Ship!     15 bought     Ends in 6d 13h    >> View Description

5.  2 Starbucks Free Drink Coupons

 $3.99 Free Ship!     13 bought     Ends in 21d 11h    >> View Description

6.  Starbucks Grande FREE Frappuccino Pack of 20 Coupon-cards Expires 6/30/17

 $10.99 Free Ship!     10 bought     Ends in 4h    >> View Description

7.  Starbucks Grande FREE Frappuccino Pack of 30 Coupon-cards Expires 6/30/17

 $16.99 Free Ship!     9 bought     Ends in    >> View Description


 $44.00     8 bought     Ends in 5d 2h    >> View Description

9.  Starbucks Grande FREE Frappuccino Pack of 8 Coupon-cards Expires 6/30/17

 $5.99 Free Ship!     8 bought     Ends in 25d 18h    >> View Description

10.  Set Of Ten (10) Starbucks Voucher Card For Any Size Coffee/Tea/ Espresso Drinks

 $32.97 Free Ship!     7 bought     Ends in 20d 21h    >> View Description

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How to Buy Discounted Macy’s Gift Cards and Coupons on eBay
Oct 1, 09 - Michelle

The shopping season is coming soon. Save some money this year by buying a discounted Macy’s gift card or coupon.

A whopping 999 Macy’s gift cards sold on eBay.com in September 2009.

That amounts to $110,000 in Macy’s gift cards and coupons sold. Macy’s gift certificates are one of the most popular gift certificates sold on eBay. The average sold price of each giftcard was $110.17.

Here’s how it works: People buy Macy’s giftcards for their loved one. But the gift card receiver wants to trade it in for cash. They can sell their unwanted gift cards on Plastic Jungle or eBay.

That’s how you buy the gift card directly from the card owner for a discount of 5-10% off the face value. You can use the gift card at the actual store or online at Macys.com. You can check the gift card balance at Macys.com

Also, loyal shoppers get Macys coupons in the mail. You can buy these coupons for cheap on eBay.

Make sure you look at the eBay seller’s feedback before you buy.

This is my criteria for evaluating a “trusted seller” on eBay. If they meet any of these statements, then they are probably a very good seller:

1. If the seller has 100% feedback, more than 50 feedback and registered more than 1 year. 100% feedback is the best kind of seller.
2. If the seller has over 100 positive feedback and has been registered for more than 1 year.

DO NOT buy from a seller who just registered on eBay within the past 90 days or has less than 50 feedback! Even it the transaction turns out OK, you will be a nervous wreck until you use the card.

Check out our new site called Smiling Shopper to find Macys gift cards.

Here are the most purchased / bid on Macys gift cards on eBay:

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