Find the Number of Watchers on an eBay auction
Apr 6, 10 - Michelle

Savvy eBayers already know this eBay search trick. If you have an eBay listing’s 12 digit listing number, you can type it into any eBay search field to see the listing information.

Say you want to know about item number 150403914444. Just enter the 12 digit number in any eBay search box.

This capability extends beyond just the eBay.com site to any 3rd party eBay search site.

Try it on WatchedItem.com by clicking here. You will see the number of watchers for item number 150403914444.

Another easy way to find info on an item is to paste the entire title for the eBay listing into the search box. Try it here.

Questions about WatchedItem.com from AudioKarma.org Forum
Jan 13, 10 - Michelle

The Audio Karma Forum has a discussion about Harman Kardon Citation I & II Amp Kits

The question is: Is the eBay watcher count shown on WatchedItem accurate?

Answer: Yes, the watcher count shown on WatchedItem.com is accurate within 1 or 2 minutes.

The watcher count is available from eBay’s API for all auctions and fixed price items with at least 1 bid or purchase. Until an item gets a bid, the watcher count is not available and will not appear in WI searches sorted by Watchers.

The watcher count is a measure of interestingness. (Yep, it’s a word. Look at Flickr.) The more interesting an item is, the more eBay members watch it. An eBayer will add an auction to their watch list because they either want to purchase it, or are just wishing for it. The top auctions are typically collectible automobiles.

To view the watcher count on a specific eBay auction, just paste the 12 digit listing number in the search box. Or enter keywords for a more general search.

On eBay, the watcher count is only available to the seller.

Always start your search on WatchedItem.com – Most Watched Auction Search!



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