What Makes a Reborn Doll Popular on eBay?
Jul 11, 09 - Michelle

reborn baby doll

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Did you know the most popular reborn dolls on eBay look exactly like a real baby?  Reborn dolls are created by doll artists to look as realistic as possible.

Reborn babies sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and are often listed by the doll artists themselves.   Reborn doll auctions often have 300 – 500 watchers on eBay.

Reborn babies are a lot of fun to collect, and many are displayed in a crib or bassinet where they look amazingly lifelike.

Here are some reborn dolls that are very popular on eBay right now:

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There are 3 things you want to look for in a listing for reborn dolls:

1) Effort: The process to “reborn” a baby doll takes hundreds of hours. The artist paints the tiniest details that would be found on a real newborn, like blotches and veins. Reborn dolls also have rooted hair that looks and feels just like a real baby’s head. In the listing, look for the artist’s details about all of the work that went into the doll.

2) Quality: Reborn doll collectors want the most lifelike doll they can find, which is only possible when the doll artist uses good materials like paint that won’t fade and hair that feels real.

3) Appearance: The most important part of buying a reborn doll on eBay is that you choose one that you will love and cherish forever.

If a lot of bidders fall in love with a particular reborn doll, the bidding action can get intense. It isn’t unusual for a reborn doll auction to receive dozens of bids before the action is over.

If you love reborn babies and want to try your hand at making them, you can also find reborn doll kits. Using a kit to “reborn” a doll is a great hobby, and I think it’s an inexpensive way to collect reborn babies.

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Reborn experts:
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